Close Protection

Close Protection: unrivalled expertise

Tailored protection by former UK military and Police close protection specialists.

Close Protection

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MAST Close Protection: Bespoke security by former military and police close protection teams


MAST provides close protection support that is meticulously designed to address your specific security needs. Our teams are vetted and comprise of the most highly skilled professionals who are former UK military and police close protection team members.

The most fundamental element of close protection is the assessment and planning behind every assignment and also the quality of the security team.

Close Protection:
Discreet, 24/7 safeguarding for individuals at risk
Residential Security Teams:
Comprehensive protection for your residence and family
Expert surveillance services to identify and mitigate threats

Key Benefits

Tailored Threat Assessments:
Ensure a security plan aligned with your unique risk profile
Elite Operatives:
Benefit from the experience of former military and police specialists
Unparalleled Discretion:
Protection that respects your privacy and lifestyle
Global Reach:
Security solutions designed for worldwide deployment

Mast Security

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