'Time to think differently'

Proactive risk advisory services, strategic intelligence and contingency response

Risk Consultancy

MAST will help you sharpen your understanding, monitor global events, and exercise oversight to help mitigate your risk. Our geopolitical advisory services are underpinned by extensive experience and a deep understanding of global political events.

Kidnap & Ransom Crisis Response

MAST have an extensive track record in providing expert kidnap & ransom response particularly in the Gulf of Guinea. MAST have long supported Lloyds of London insurers as part of the K&R insurance market.


Mast Security

Security expertise you can trust.

Our team brings decades of political and military experience to the forefront, offering unparalleled insights into operating within high-risk and politically sensitive areas. We understand that navigating these challenging environments requires not just theoretical knowledge, but a depth of practical experience and strategic foresight.