Superyacht transits

Protecting your lifestyle

Expert protection for your yacht and crew through the High Risk Areas and beyond

Service overview

Safeguarding your adventure

Set sail with MAST where your superyacht passage is guarded by our specialised teams. Skilled in the complexities of luxury yacht operations we offer bespoke security solutions for navigating High Risk Areas.

With MAST, your voyage is in the hands of our highly experienced security personnel, trained specifically for the intricacies of yacht protection. MAST has been supporting yachts and their owners since 2005 and was a pioneer in the establishment of armed security in the maritime environment. The legal challenges of embarking firearms whilst more widely understood today is still complex and requires careful management.


Key points

Why choose Mast for your superyacht transit security?

Tailored security expertise.
Specialised services designed specifically for the unique needs of superyacht transits.
Indian Ocean and Red Sea expertise.
Deep-rooted experience and knowledge in navigating and operating through the challenging waters of the Indian Ocean and other High Risk Areas.
Highly trained personnel.
Our security personnel comprise premium security teams extensively trained in yacht-specific security operations.
Strategic local knowedge.
In-depth understanding and connections with local agents and procedures in key maritime locations like the Maldives and Seychelles.