Safeguarding schools

Comprehensive protection for students, staff, and school premises.

Why choose mast?

Security that builds confidence

A secure learning environment is essential for students and educators to thrive. There are also wider benefits of having dedicated security as part of the school staff including a Health and Safety and traffic management before and after the school day.

Dedicated Personnel:
Mast Security provides highly trained security staff, carefully selected for their suitability in school environments. Safeguarding is our top priority.
Proactive Security:
We offer 24/7 site surveillance to protect borders, staff, and valuable assets, deterring threats and ensuring rapid incident response.
Understanding Your Needs:
Our team works closely with you to design a customized security plan that addresses your school's specific concerns and vulnerabilities.
A Focus on Community
Mast Security's personnel integrate seamlessly into the school environment, building trust and providing a reassuring presence for students, educators, and parents.