K9 Security

Protect your assets and people with canine support

NASDU accredited, highly trained canine units for comprehensive and cost effective security.

NASDU certified canine units

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Protect your property with MAST's canine security service. NASDU accredited dogs and ex-police handlers provide powerful crime deterrence for construction sites, ports, large estates, and more.


MAST Security offers unparalleled canine protection solutions. Our expertly trained canine units deliver a robust security layer for diverse sectors, making them ideal for:

Construction Sites:
Deterring theft and vandalism across expansive areas.
Enforcing access control and safeguarding valuable cargo.
Large estates:
Patrolling vast properties with unmatched efficiency.
Football stadiums and events:
Crowd management and enhanced safety on event days.
Custom Security Needs:
We tailor canine security to your specific requirements.

Key Benefits

NASDU Accredited:
Guarantee of the highest standards in canine training and deployment.
Ex-Police handlers:
Experienced professionals ensuring optimal canine performance.
Powerful Deterrent:
The presence of canine units significantly reduces crime.
A highly efficient security solution compared to large man guarding teams.

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