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Mitigating risk with MAST intelligence

West of England Insurances Services

The maritime industry presents a dynamic landscape of risks, including piracy, suspicious approaches, hijackings, and security concerns at ports of call. West of England Insurances Services understands the critical need for their shipowner Members to have access to up-to-date intelligence, enabling proactive risk mitigation for the safety of crews, vessels, and cargoes.


  • The global nature of shipping exposes vessels to a wide range of potential threats. These threats can change rapidly, making it difficult for shipowners to stay fully informed about emerging risks along their trade routes.
  • Without timely and reliable intelligence, shipowners may lack the insights needed to implement appropriate preventive measures and make well-informed operational decisions.


  • West of England Insurances Services partners with Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd. to leverage their weekly intelligence reports.
  • MAST's reports provide concise and actionable summaries of maritime security incidents and trends, giving shipowners a clear picture of potential risks they may encounter.


  • By integrating MAST's intelligence reports into their risk management practices, West of England Insurances Services empowers their Members to make informed decisions that enhance safety and security.
  • Shipowners gain improved situational awareness, enabling them to proactively implement measures to mitigate potential risks.
  • Ultimately, this partnership contributes to a more secure and resilient maritime environment.

“West of England Insurances Services (Luxembourg) SA are using Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) Ltd.’s. weekly intelligence reports to provide up to date information to our shipowner Members on the risks they may encounter, including piracy, suspicious approaches, hijackings and security concerns at proposed ports of call so that appropriate actions can be put in place to protect their crews, vessels and cargoes. The regular snapshot format of MAST’s intelligence reports makes them the perfect tool. for keeping our Members suitably informed of the maritime risks that they may encounter in the course of their trade.”

Capt. Simon Rapley
Loss Prevention Manager at West of England Insurances Services

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